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By: Energy Experts international | January 17, 2018

For such a vital piece of kit, pivotal to the success of businesses and projects the humble air compressor is often overlooked. For many the reality of just how vital it is only comes when they are without one, to avoid this situation care must be taken to select the air compressor that’s right for you and fit for purpose. With such a diverse market there’s an air compressor suitable for every situation, whether it’s a large scale industrial project or a much smaller commercial build, however before we go into too much detail lets cover the basics.

Air compressor design

The purpose of Small Air Compressor is simple: To convert air at atmospheric pressure into compressed air to be used to power an array of different tools. From reciprocating to rotary screw the way that each compressor works differs, but the general principle remains the same. The commonly used Piston powered air compressor serves as a great example, in basic terms the side mounted motor powers a drive shaft which in turn powers a piston. As the piston is at its lowest point the inlet valve allows air into the free space above the piston. As the piston moves up and the inlet valve closes the air is compressed and exits via the discharge valve into the tank. With every intake of air the tank is filled until the amount of air within the tank builds up to an acceptable pressure (psi). It’s this compressed air which is then used to power the tool in question, or in some cases inflate an item, this can include (but is not limited to) the following:


Air compressed tools

Using compressed air to power a tool offers users an increased level of power, perfect for heavy duty projects. It’s not surprising then that there’s a wide array of tools that use compressed air to function. There’s the obvious tools like nail guns or pneumatic drills and impact wrenches, all of which not only deliver a better power output but also act as a timesaver over the more conventional means. Then there’s the tools are generally recognised as battery or hand powered only, such as drills, grinders, sanders and saws in fact there’s an air powered appliance for the majority of tools!

Air compressed spray guns – The spray gun is used by both professional and hobbyists to spray paint under pressure. Using a spray gun is the industry standard for applying paints to any surface, due to its speed and the excellent coverage and finish it gives.

Air compressor inflatable

This can cover anything! A great feature of an air compressor is its adaptability, all will come with a maximum output, but within this output it’s possible to select the PSI of your choice through a pressure regulator. This means that whether you’re inflating a football or the tyres on your car an Air Compressors Buy will do the job, offering a versatile all-in-one solution.

Air compressor types

There are numerous ways in which an Air compressor can differ, from shape to functionality, one of the most important areas to focus on though is the ‘type’ of air compressor. This generally consists of the following two varieties; Piston powered reciprocating air compressor, Rotary screw compressor and the centrifugal compressor. As explained above, the reciprocating air compressor is the smallest and the more common of the two, the remaining Rotary screw compressor functions as follows:


Rotary Screw Compressor

Powered by a motor that drives a timing belt which in turn enables two large diameter screws to revolve in perfect alignment, this compressor can create a much higher output than the reciprocating air compressor with some models able to apply pressure (psi) into the thousands. The motion in which the rotary screws operate allows for a near constant and smooth supply of compressed air, perfect for heavy duty machinery that requires a stronger power source. However it’s the increased efficiency that most buyers are interested in, the way in which it functions generates more power whilst using less energy to do so.




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