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By: Energy Experts international | January 17, 2018

For such a vital piece of kit, pivotal to the success of businesses and projects the humble air compressor is often overlooked. For many the reality of just how vital it is only comes when they are without one, to avoid this situation care must be taken to select the air compressor that’s right for you and fit for purpose. With such a diverse market there’s an air compressor suitable for every situation, whether it’s a large scale industrial project or a much smaller commercial build, however before we go into too much detail lets cover the basics.

Air compressor design

The purpose of Small Air Compressor is simple: To convert air at atmospheric pressure into compressed air to be used to power an array of different tools. From reciprocatin...

By: Energy Experts international | January 08, 2018

There are numerous sorts of transformers. Every one of them have diverse capacities and different particulars. Transformers are electrical gadgets that are custom made by the makers as indicated by the necessity of the customers. The transformers are mostly worked to control voltage. There is an awesome interest for transformers in the private division and additionally the mechanical area.

Transformers are generally colossal and say something tons. At many occasions it is required to re-position them after a specific day and age. Transformers utilized at development destinations, for instance, must be reallocated by the necessity of the site. In such regions, a bundle substation is required. This makes the development of the transformer l...

By: Energy Experts international | January 02, 2018

Renewable energy is the energy which is generated by using natural resources like Sunlight, air, tides, etc which can be naturally replenished. Some examples of renewable energy are biofuels, biomass, Geothermal, Hydro power, Tidal power, Solar power, Wave power, Wind power, etc.

In the year 2006, about 18% of global final energy consumption came from renewable energy. Renewable energy projects are suited for both large scale industries and for small off grid applications in rural and remote areas. Kenya has the highest ownership of solar power systems sold per year with the figure of 30,000.


Biomass is also about renewable energy. It refers to dead biological material which can be used as fuel or for industrial production. It also ...